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About TheCoutureCleaner

Ansari dresstheCOUTURECLEANER is a joint venture by two of the nation’s leading couture cleaners, Hallak Cleaners on the east coast and Margaret’s Cleaners on the west coast. With over 100 years of combined experience servicing the finest high fashion garments, the goal at theCOUTURECLEANER is to provide national access to the finest in couture garment cleaning.

Margaret’s Cleaners and Hallak Cleaners each have an extensive Retailer Alliance Program catering to the cleaning and repair needs of retail boutiques and finer department stores across the nation. Through their combined forces, theCOUTURECLEANER represents the largest and most established effort ever made to offer couture-quality cleaning to the garment industry on a nationwide scale. The many benefits of the Retailer Alliance Program are highlighted in this website.

Both Margaret’s Cleaners and Hallak Cleaners have earned the distinction of being two of only a dozen cleaners in the world who have earned the LCI “Five-Star Certified Couture Cleaner” certification from Leading Cleaners Internationale. This most prestiguious of all industry associations is noted for its rigorous application of standards and testing procedures. The synergies of these two respected industry leaders create a specialty service second-to-none in scope and craftsmanship. theCOUTURECLEANER is a truly unique place where you can trust your most treasured garments, accessories, and heirlooms.

About Hallak…Visit Hallak Cleaners Website

Over 40 years ago, Joseph Hallak Sr., opened a dry cleaning store in Manhattan on Second Avenue. Over the ensuing years, he developed a reputation for pushing the envelope of dry cleaning quality and professionalism. Joe could not tolerate the mediocrity that he believed permeated the industry. He devoted himself to elevating dry cleaning to an art form and “spreading the word” throughout the industry. Joseph’s sons, John Claude and Joseph Jr., now run the family business and have an avid following of New York City’s high fashion enthusiasts as well as virtually every couture and high-fashion house in Manhattan. John Claude and Joseph, Jr. serve on numerous boards and committees where they share their passion for excellence and professionalism through their service to the industry. Joseph recently completed two terms as President of the National Cleaners Association.

About Margaret’s…Visit Margaret's Website

Founded by Margaret Clutter in 1953, Margaret’s Knit Blocking served the prestigious La Jolla community for 34 years and earned a reputation for being the only place to take fine knit garments. In 1987, Margaret sold her business to John and Barbara Horst, who had just sold their 80-employee Ohio dry cleaning business. John was a third generation dry cleaner and with the addition of John’s brother, Carl, and son, Chuck, the fourth generation contributed their talents. In 1995, they confidently offered their services to San Diego’s finest garment retailers. As their reputation continued to grow, Margaret’s opened in Newport Beach and added delivery service for Orange County residents and the area’s finest retail stores. In 2004, John’s second son, Scott, joined the business to handle couture-quality disaster cleaning and restoration as well as on-site upholstery and drapery cleaning. In 2006, John’s daughter, Jan joined the business as Bridal Services Manager. In 2008, Chuck's wife, Robin, joined the family as an office manager. All seven members of the Horst family participate on a daily basis, overseeing and contributing to the quality and service.

In 2011 services were added to the fine retail stores in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. In 2013 Margaret's opened a store in Westwood to service the area.

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