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CleanByMail Service

CleanByMail GlobeTrue couture-level custom dry cleaning is as close as your front door. Join our family of clients from across the nation who enjoy door-to-door couture cleaning services. At theCOUTURECLEANER our fully equipped shipping department has the materials, resources and skill to ensure that your order arrives at your door looking perfect.

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Couture Fashion

As specialists in couture garments, theCOUTURECLEANER gently cleans the most delicate of fabrics – including silk, velvet, crepe, and organza. Extra gentle cleaning protects natural fibers and revives their innate colors and textures. Our highly-trained professionals thoroughly inspect your garments for problem areas and give special attention when and where it is needed – from loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, and threads, to falling hems and shoulder pads. Rolled edges of suits and ties are hand-finished so they look like new. In short, we work to ensure that you always look your best.

Handbag Cleaning

If your designer handbag is looking tired or worn out, send it to
COUTURECLEANER for some tender loving care. Our handbag specialists are trained to treat all types of animal skins, fabrics, and synthetics. Trust your favorite handbags to theCOUTURECLEANER.

Wedding Gown Restoration & Preservation

Have your gown expertly preserved for future generations to wear and admire. Our truly archival museum-quality preservation is the best available anywhere and includes a lifetime warranty.

The preservation techniques we employ are those preferred by museum conservators for long-term storage of textiles.

As vintage textile restoration specialists, theCOUTURECLEANER can also restore a treasured heirloom gown to its original beauty. We have been restoring all types of antique fabrics for over 40 years and use proprietary processes which are the most advanced techniques available. Our goal is to restore the original color of the fabric without damaging it.

Suede & Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning

Suede and leather require very special skills and tools to maintain and restore. Each piece is unique and must be evaluated as such.
theCOUTURECLEANER expertly cleans and restores the natural oils of your suede and leather garments. Entire hand cleaning is performed on the most delicate of skins.

Fine Linens

Fine bed and table linens can be very delicate and fragile heirlooms. Our professionals apply 100 years of experience to every piece to make sure it receives the proper treatment!

Knit Blocking

The proper care and cleaning of fine knits is a skill developed extensively by theCOUTURECLEANER. To maintain its shape, every knit garment is measured, blocked, and depilled with each cleaning. A custom-made breathable sweater bag is included with each order. These bags are suitable for long-term storage and are highly effective in the prevention of mold and insect damage.

Reknitting & Reweaving

At theCOUTURECLEANER we repair damage caused by snags or insects with our reknitting and reweaving service. Consider repair rather than retirement of a cherished or valuable garment. We also perform
alterations to fine knits such as St. John, Loro Piana, TSE and others.
theCOUTURECLEANER is a French weave specialist.

Neckties & Scarves

Your ties and scarves may be easily cleaned through our CleanByMail service. theCOUTURECLEANER uses the most gentle stain removal treatments to protect the colors and luster and to maintain an impressionless finish for your fine ties and scarves. Our gentle soaking procedures may be a little more labor intensive than the techniques commonly used but we feel the results are worth our extra effort. We’ll even use an oil bath and reconstruction techniques when necessary.

Our custom packaging method in a sturdy box with a clear see-through cover is perfect for storage, shipping or traveling with your fine ties or scarves.

Vintage & Collectable Items

Whether it is a garment that has been in the family for generations, an irreplaceable sampler made by your great grandmother, an authentic baseball jersey worn by a legend of the game, or the archival collection of a fashion designer…theCOUTURECLEANER possesses the proven expertise, sensitivity and confidence to tackle these most delicate and critical projects. We have been trusted with numerous museum collections over decades of service to the community of curators.

How CleanByMail Works

No prior arrangements are needed to use our CleanByMail service. Simply print out a CleanByMail request form from our website and include the completed form with your item for processing.

If you desire an estimate before you send us an item, please use the price estimator form links below:

We will be happy to email you an estimate in advance. Keep in mind that the price could change after we see an item, and we will contact you before proceeding should that occur. Shipping and handling charges are complimentary on orders in excess of $100. Remember, if you reside in any of our service areas, we can pick-up and deliver to you, and there is no need to use our CleanByMail service. Our newest service area includes Beverly Hills and the surrounding area.

You will be sent an email when your item is received for processing and then again when your order ships, which will include your tracking number.

Note: If you wish to have your order insured for more than $100 when it ships back to you, be sure to indicate the amount of coverage on the form. The cost of insurance is approximately $.80 per $100 value.

theCOUTURECLEANER is not responsible for uninsured items damaged or lost in shipping.

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