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Knit Services

Knit Blocking

The proper care and cleaning of fine knits is a skill developed extensively by theCOUTURECLEANER. To maintain its shape, every knit garment is measured, blocked, and depilled with each cleaning. Then most are folded flat for storage. With each cleaning, theCOUTURECLEANER knit blocking service includes our custom-made breathable sweater storage bag. These bags are suitable for long-term storage and are highly effective in the prevention of mold and insect damage.

Reknitting and Reweaving

Snags, insect damage, unknown holes? Consider reknitting or reweaving from theCOUTURECLEANER as an alternative to retiring a cherished or valuable garment. Our experts often repair such damage in knits and other fabrics, as well as perform re-working and alterations to fine knits such as St. John, Loro Piana, TSE and others. theCOUTURECLEANER is a French weave specialist.



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