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Why Gamble?

Our post-wedding care includes pick-up (at your resort in many cases), cleaning, pressing, gown preservation, shipping to your home, and gown storage. Restoration of damaged and vintage gowns is also available.

With theCOUTURECLEANER…a formidable team of artisans and professionals works behind the scenes to make sure that your gown gets the prompt care it needs following your special day. Nothing is left chance…and nothing else to be desired.

Before Your Event

Many Las Vegas weddings are destination weddings. To avoid the hassle of storing and transporting your bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses, and other fine garments for the wedding party, you may mail items for touch-up cleaning and pressing at least two weeks before you head for Las Vegas. We’ll make sure they are in your room and ready-to-wear at your resort the day you arrive.

Deal with the Best

A joint venture by two of the nation’s leading couture cleaners, Hallak Cleaners of Manhattan and Margaret’s Cleaners of Southern California,
theCOUTURECLEANER services many Las Vegas customers and resorts regularly. With over 100 years of combined experience servicing the finest high fashion garments and couture bridal gowns, we are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of gowns that are entrusted to our care. Our decades of experience with brides, as well as Bridal Salons and Couture Designers, translate into a singular level of service and quality.

Consultation & Estimates

If you need to consult with a professional regarding your gown or gown care issues you are concerned about, theCOUTURECLEANER offers complimentary webcam consultation. Contact one of our bridal specialists to obtain a quote for any services you need.

After the Event

Following the wedding and reception theCOUTURECLEANER will pick up your gown, accessories and other garments from your resort, clean them and ship them to your desired locations through our Courier Couture Service™. Take the worry out of handling it and enjoy your honeymoon!

Your Wedding Gown is Forever

If desired, allow theCOUTURECLEANER to treat your gown to a true archival Museum-Quality cleaning and preservation. Preserving your gown will help preserve your memories of that special day, and also make it possible for your daughter or granddaughter to one day wear that same beautiful gown.

theCOUTURECLEANER Museum-Quality preservations include a lifetime warranty. We do not seal our preservation boxes. Fabrics need to breathe. *Standard preservations are also available but do not include the lifetime warranty.

Courier Couture Service

After the event and photo shoots are complete, theCOUTURECLEANER can collect your gown. We can provide true Museum-Quality archival cleaning and preservation of your gown, which will be shipped directly to need to deal with packing it throughout your travels.

Gown Storage Service

Long or short-term gown storage is now available through
theCOUTURECLEANER. For a small monthly fee, the gown will be stored in a climate-controlled environment. For a preserved gown, we will check it yearly and refold all of the boxed items to prevent permanent creases. If desired, we can also store your gown prior to the wedding to prevent damage in a crowded closet or keep it away from “prying eyes.”


Occasionally a bride decides that she would like to wear a vintage gown or family heirloom. theCOUTURECLEANER partners have been restoring gowns and antique fabric for over 40 years and use proprietary processes that are the most advanced techniques available. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to see the smile on the bride’s face when she realizes that she will be able to walk down the aisle in a dress that was once worn by someone dear to her.


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