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Retailer Testimonials

TheCoutureCleaner is the choice for Couture Bride. They go above and beyond any dry cleaning service available in Las Vegas. They will pick up and deliver to your door, at your convenience. They have tended to our sample dresses so well that they often look as good, if not better, than when we first receive them. TheCoutureCleaner are the people to go to when your finer apparel and specialty items need attention. Outstanding customer service, coupled with professional, meticulous work ethics are just some of the reasons Couture Bride chooses TheCoutureCleaner!

“It’s no wonder that Margaret’s continues to be the best! Keep doing what you are doing…amazing level of integrity!”

“A 10+! I’ve only experienced excellent service and my garments are always impeccably clean and presented beautifully.”

“I tell everyone who inquires that Margaret’s is the best cleaners in town and I’m glad this store is associated with them!” — HERMES

“I don’t trust any other cleaner for my fine clothes. Margaret’s is the best of the best!!!” — NORDSTROM

“The best dry cleaner I have ever used. My clothes always look brand new and I love that. I will continue to refer my clients to Margaret’s.”

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