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What Sets TCC Apart?

Our mission at theCOUTURECLEANER is simply to offer the finest of couture cleaning services nationwide. To accomplish this we emphasize excellence through craftsmanship. It is all about assuring that the work performed is the best possible and that our customer’s expectations are always met or exceeded.

Quality Through Craftsmanship

  • Couture Cleaner custom Packaging Knit garments are measured, blocked & depilled with each cleaning
  • Couture & fragile items are hand cleaned when necessary
  • Specialty items, including purses & handbags, are hand detailed

Crystal Clear Solutions

  • Virgin solvents used with each cleanin
  • Whites stay brilliantly white
  • No solvent odors left in your clothes
  • Garments won’t shrink

Meticulous Garment Finishing

  • No shine, seam impressions or double creases
  • You can trust your finest couture gowns to theCOUTURECLEANER

Uncommon Attention to Detail

  • Inspectors assure that there are no loose hems, broken or missing buttons
  • Personal preferences saved in an individual customer profile

Personalized Inspections

  • Every order is inspected to assure that we followed your specific instructions.
  • We really do listen to you & attend to the smallest details!

Exquisite Packaging

  • Sweaters, leathers, napkins, purses, blankets, etc. are returned to you in our custom breathable storage bags!
  • Garments are individually wrapped & tissue padded
  • Custom hangers & clip hangers used generously
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