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Safe Cleaning Guarantee

What If There’s a Problem?

Our unique Safe Cleaning Guarantee creates an entirely new dynamic in the relationship between designers and boutiques, and their clients who use theCOUTURECLEANER to service their fashions.

You are all too familiar with this scenario...

A client walks into your busy boutique carrying a garment on a hanger, covered by a dry cleaner’s plastic bag. You needn’t be psychic to predict the first words you will hear. “My dry cleaner said that this is defective and I should take it back to the store where I purchased it.”

Simply stated, this will never happen if your client uses

Our philosophy is simple. The legitimate need to escalate a garment service failure to the level in which we involve the designer or boutique is extremely rare. Whether actual or perceived, WE GUARANTEE to resolve any and all problems between us and our mutual client, quickly and diplomatically. We recognize that the goodwill built over many years is fragile. We passionately protect that goodwill and the client relationship.

In the rare instance where there is a legitimate issue with the serviceability of an item, we do not deputize our mutual customer into the role of arbitrator – rather, WE GUARANTEE to reach out to you directly and review all serviceability issues. We can then get together and find a way to keep our mutual client satisfied.

When we receive an item that is a challenge for even theCOUTURECLEANER to service, WE GUARANTEE that we will NOT tell the customer that the item is unserviceable, even if the only viable means of care is entire hand cleaning. WE GUARANTEE every attempt will be made to service even the most uniquely challenging items.

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